House Hunting For Millennials: Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

House Hunting For Millennials: Why You Should Invest In Real EstateSo, you’re a “millennial”, and you know the term has been dragged through a lot of dirt, with a profile bordering on stereotype—the “look at me” generation. The YOLO generation, too overconfident, self-absorbed, and knee-deep in existential ennui to achieve anything great or effectively stand on your own two feet.

But get up and dust yourself off, because, after all this, there’s a lot more to you. Despite having no clue what you’re doing (let’s be honest, though, does anybody?) and being brought up in socially and economically trying times, you’re not doing so bad.

You make up a large part of the workforce, which may even expand to 50% globally by 2020. Equipped with the relevant skills, ambitions, and technological know-how, your generation is poised to define the culture of the modern-day workplace. You have great influence on the market and politics, and thus play a significant part in shaping the future of the country. You’re innovative, flexible, and hungry for betterment.

So here comes the inevitable question: what now? What’s next for you?

It’s time to look ahead and wise up. Growing up in the midst of an economic crisis definitely gives you some perspective as to where to put your money. As a millennial who is probably wary of varying investment options, what you need in a time like this is stability. After all, who would want to put hard-earned money into a sketchy investment?

For many, the solution is real estate.

There is higher confidence in real estate these days, and millennials are paying attention. Historically consistent, albeit traditional, investing in real estate is viewed to be optimal today, especially as the industry is slowly recovering. If you’re skeptical of other options, such as the stock market, maybe going for something with a tangible asset—like real estate—is for you.

If you’re planning to get a loan, a plus would be that banks are likely to trust you more over a home loan than any other kind of loan. Once you get yourself in a good position, it would be relatively easier to gain assurance that you’re ready to take out a loan for a place to live in, rather than other things.

House Hunting For Millennials: Why You Should Invest In Real EstateHome interest rates are also among the lowest historically. Sure, a loan is big responsibility and ties you down, but essentially, the earlier you start investing, the better.

Investing in a home will also prove to you that between paying rent and paying a mortgage, mortgage wins in the long-term. Rent is money you will never get back while investing in a home gears you toward the future. Who wouldn’t want to ditch the small, cramped apartment that eats up a significant sum of your salary for a spacious, permanent home?

With market values continuing to increase, the appreciation on the home you choose might be enough to convince you that investing is the wiser choice. You can also opt to have the house rented, which means you would get passive income while you’re busy with your other pursuits.

House Hunting For Millennials: Why You Should Invest In Real EstateMost importantly, you’ll also be directly investing in your future, with something that’s tangible. Millennials put all of their creative energy into their pursuits—it’s logical to want the payoff to go into something you would care about in the same way.

A house or a condo is a material thing you can make your own, and it gives you a sense of stability and value that you just wouldn’t get elsewhere.

As a millennial, it’s understandable to be tired of the social conditions you were born into, and to want to reach toward something greater. We want something real, bankable, and secure—if that doesn’t mean investing in a home, then what does? If you’re a millennial and you’re ready to invest in your future home, chat with a real estate developer that offers flexible payment terms for you.

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