Home Investment And Why It Matters

Home Investment And Why It MattersThere is a certain sense of freedom and pride that comes from acquiring your own home.

And this couldn’t be any truer for individuals and families who, for most of their lives, have rented a space that served as their home. While renting can be a more practical option for those just starting to build a family or a career, one should always keep in mind the value of eventually investing in a home as part of his or her long term plans.

Real estate should indeed be a priority for those seeking to have a more secure future and/or wanting to place their bets on a good investment.

“For those who have been renting for the longest time, acquiring a property can mean having access to bigger space for your growing family and a flight to a better quality of life and better environment to raise a family,” explained Prof. Enrique Soriano, executive director at W+B Advisory and program director for real estate at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Key considerations

Soriano noted that “buying real estate is all about emotion, function, and timing.” An individual, he said, must seriously look into several key considerations before jumping into such huge undertaking—regardless of whether you’re buying a house or a condominium unit.

First, you must consider your “readiness state to be independent, both financially and to have some form of breathing space from your parents or relatives. On a more scientific basis, it would prudent to apply the price to income ratio,” Soriano said.

You must also look at your “financial discipline to subject yourself to setting aside a fund to pay off your unit on a regular basis” and ensure that you have “sufficient savings that will include your equity or down payment of at least 20 percent of the total contract price and a cash flow that will amortize your payment schedule in the next 12 months.”

Soriano further opined that now, more than ever, is the best time to acquire a property.

Home Investment And Why It Matters“The terms of purchase now are more appealing due to lower interest rates and a slew of creative financing (schemes) to choose from. In short, it is time to take advantage of a low interest regime and the opportunity to leverage your investment by using creative payment schedules like rent-to-own, or rent-with-option-to-buy schemes,” he added.

Providing a home

Sharing the belief that every hardworking Filipino deserves to own a home in order to have access to a better quality of life and a better environment to raise a family is Empire East Land Holdings Inc.

“Empire East’s goal was to reach a wider market base and to provide a comfortable home for every hardworking Filipino. We want to make luxury living affordable. We feel that there is a huge aspiration for the middle income sector and we want to be able to respond to this aspiration in order for them to get luxury living at an affordable price,” said Empire East president and CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu.

Home Investment And Why It MattersAmong Empire East Land’s developments that make for a practical option include the Pioneer Woodlands and Little Baguio Terraces, which have been designed to address the varying needs of today’s market.

Strategic location

“Little Baguio Terraces is a transit-oriented residential project designed for parents who consider their children’s education a priority. This project offers residents, especially children who are busy with school, the distinct advantage of being at the center of everything they need to have a convenient and comfortable lifestyle,” Yu said.

Strategically located along N. Domingo Avenue and Aurora Boulevard near San Juan’s Greenhills district, Little Baguio Terraces boasts of amenities and facilities that would make every student’s life a breeze.

“With its location, students need not bear with the long hours of traffic which is one of the major problems that my previous students had to deal with. Apart from its easy access to public transport and major roads, Little Baguio Terraces also has the advantage of being just minutes away via bus or jeep from Manila’s university belt, where prestigious academies for higher learning can be found,” Yu said.

Custom environment

Meanwhile, another ideal respite that would allow one to rejuvenate and recharge, is the Pioneer Woodlands. Located in Mandaluyong City, this particular development showcases the seamless balance between modernity and nature.

It creates a custom environment with a design centered on integrating the natural elements and modern sensibilities that are both aesthetically appealing, and significantly functional.

Units at Pioneer Woodlands are designed to appeal to young urban professionals and to students who have eventful, driven lifestyles. These are the people who need to be out and about the city, with businesses and office responsibilities that require close proximity, but at the same, aspire for the serene and tranquil feel that a laid back nature-centered lifestyle brings.

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